Cloth Racing Strap (Dark Brown)

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Finally, Black Label Bag has their own line of cloth straps!
These straps are a little less than one meter in length so you can comfortably wear them on your shoulder or around your neck. They curl easily if you want it to double as a wrist strap.

Each cloth strap is triple ply for strength and style. You can choose black/red/black, red/black/red, or brown/white/brown. This unique design gives a cool "racing stripe" look as well as providing the type of strength only a triple-ply strap can offer.

This strap is made of extremely soft cotton so it will be comfortable for years to come!

  • Materials: Cotton, Leather strap details
  • Length: 900mm x 25mm
  • Weight: 300g 
  • Color(s): Brown with white trim