Henri’s Paris Holiday Bag Mark II

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You’re a professional who has every lens you could possibly need for a job. You tried every bag on the market, but they lack the combination of size, capacity, and ease of access that you require. Not anymore.

When you’re on a shoot and need more than just a small messenger bag, Henri’s Paris Holiday Mark II is the way to go.

To help you find just what you need when you need it, the top of the bag unfolds to reveal all the content at once without an annoying flap or zipper getting in the way.

The original #10 canvas has been replaced with a more durable, higher-grade canvas. The loud black and red styling of the past is replaced with a more urban black and gray color scheme. The zippers are all waterproof. The base of the bag now has feet to protect against any shock a sudden drop might have on your gear.

Two pouches are now included. One is removable and is designed for use with a cell phone or PDA. The other is sewn onto the edge of the bag and has sleeves for memory cards, a pad, and a pen. No longer will you need to keep your pens and small accessories next to your lenses!

  • Materials: Ballistic nylon
  • Size:
  • (outer) 440mm long x 240mm tall x 260mm wide
  • (inner) 325mm long x 205mm tall x 120mm wide
  • (front pocket) 435mm long x 160mm tall x 60mm wide
  • Weight: 1.2kg 
  • Color(s): Black