Olive Leather Strap

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If you're in a new city and want your rangefinder close at hand and secure, the Olive Leather Strap might be the choice for you. Its natural look speaks of an individual taste the typical black strap does not. Its short length both prevents it from dangling waywardly into walls or doors and permits a rapid rise to your eye to snap that important image.

Approximately 900mm in length and 12mm wide, this strong, comfortable strap looks great on your new Leica M9 or even your beater Leica M3. It is a perfect match to your Voigtlander Bessa R2 in olive (if you can find one!).

The Black Label Bag Olive Leather Strap is designed to fit on Leica-style strap lugs. It is not designed for SLR cameras, though it can be adapted by a deft hand.

This beautiful leather strap is made in New York.

  • Materials: Canvas, ballistic nylon, Leather strap details
  • Length: 900mm x 40mm
  • Color(s): Olive