Oskar’s One Day Bag Mark II

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When you need a camera bag that doesn't look like one, then Oskar's One Day Bag Mark II is ready for you. It will easily pass for a messenger's bag or a modern brief case.

This day bag features three partitions separated by movable Velcro dividers and two handy front pouches. When you flip the protective flap open, the entire contents of the bag are apparent...which makes this a great vehicle for the photographer on the run.

The heavyweight canvas strap is practically overkill for this small, lightweight bag and ensures that no matter the conditions, your gear will travel securely. The bag is slender enough (and the strap is long enough) to wear this bag "sling-style!"

  • Materials: Canvas, ballistic nylon, Leather strap details
  • Size:
  • (outer) 310mm long x 210mm tall x 110mm wide
  • (inner) 280mm long x 170mm tall x 95mm wide
  • Weight: 750g
  • Color(s): Black